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Ride Right



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These vests are made to order. Generally these are standard and available and shall ship within 1-2 weeks. 
The PR8 has been redesigned for a more natural feel.
  • Updated with a revised version of Ride Right's proprietary Impact Dispersion Shield (IDS) technology including "Air Gel" making the fit considerably more flexible and thinner than previous models.
  • Offers comfort without sacrificing performance and safety.

The PR8 is featured with:

  • Zippered front for easy access. The zipper is backed with a high-density foam and ballistic material to protect this small but vital area.
  • Ultra-light, weighing around 3-pounds.
  • Customizable fit with three (3) detachable segments and a variety of adjustable fasteners.
  • Maximum body coverage across chest and under the arms.
  • Competition ready with number plate tabs, front pockets and breakaway shoulders.
  • A lighter and more flexible leather covering for even better mobility.
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